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i <3: W.A.I.T.T.

I'm finding myself updating more and more, I'm kind of happy about that to be honest. Oh how I wish to be free of any of these thoughts of wanting what I can't have. Why do I find myself in this stupid state of mind like if I'm on stand-by, waiting for her to change her mind? I bought my ticket to WAITT last night, apparently the price jacked up to 20 bucks, last time I had seen they were 15.. what gives? I've seen the little promo Hillsong put together and I'm so interested in seeing the outcome of this documentary, should be something well worth it, much like the incredible conference late August. The documentary is the outcome of HU's 2 years of travelling abroad to investigate the world's poverty and peril, putting thoughts and reflections of this world on camera. That's as much as I know about that, whether they actually help and do missionary work to these poor, I've pondered, we'll have to wait and see. It seems everything Hillsong touches turns into gold.. They're so good at what they do.. the Worship. The way they show what calibre God's love is measured in.. put it on display for the whole world to see, how can one turn a cheek? This love is addictive thanks to Hillsong UNITED. They really encourage me to try a bit harder to help make things a little better in the world. God Bless..

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