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Back in the G-Dub..

My third go around seeing Incubus live last Saturday, sheer success. The playlist was good and the seats, phenomenal. Some great vids are awaiting back at home.. Unfortunately my AT was set for the following day after that landmark event in my life. And now I am back in Williamsburg, back in the G-Dub..yeah the same rotten hotel I endured for a month and a half for my predeployment training to Kuwait in '07. Though the place actually got a much needed facelift.. but that's another story. Currently am set on the Hillsong Encounter in Miami, should be grand. Going to make time that much longer here. Talkin' to the couple unit guys that came with me out here, and we might actually be making a trip to DC this weekend. Having been there last when I was about nine, it'd be cool to update myself on the nation's capital a bit. Turns out this training is gonna be a little more exciting than I thought, we're actually gonna be qual'ing to shoot M4!! Pretty stoked about that, having not shot since predeployment two years ago, again.. I was looking at the syllabus deal thing, and I saw CBR on there, which as far as me means that we'll be getting gased? While it is pretty fun, it don't feel great at that moment.. if you're conjested it's right up your alley though. Blah, just keepin' my eyes on the price I guess. God bless..

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