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Making a New Way Home

I haven't written in a couple weeks.. but things have been going somewhat progressively. I finally played a short acoustic set last weekend at a bar in Safety Harbor called Trotti's. It felt great to play, even though I changed the mood a little. Juan finally got his drum kit, now we have to clear out the garage so we can set up in there.. woot.

Can't get over this girl.. and I don't know what the deal is! She's too busy?! Doing what?! I have my own things happening too, but at the end of the night.. eh. I try and stay away but I'm under a hypnosis. She said yesterday she might be leaving for Tennessee to move in with a family she knows there. I'd miss her terribly but I think I'd finally be able to move on. The worst part about this is that I'm fairly certain she cares and thinks of me like I do her. How can someone hold that type of willpower towards their OWN feelings??! It's rediculous, I wish she just realized that I'd never do anything to hurt her, ever..

Well I'm reluctantly getting to know someone else at the moment, I need to. S just won't give in, and it's so painful. She's a great Catholic girl I go to school with. I'm really happy she has positive religious views like mine that I've acquired this past year. I only hope I can give her a fair chance and not be so biased in my views..

I have alot of things I need to focus on outside of relationships. The new semester is underway and alot of reading needs to be done. I've also been really distracted making music and concentrating on it. It's just so fun.. I've developed an ideaology, making music and writing about everyday things is artistic yes, in it's own right. But why have I developed an idea that singing worship for God is just more.. relevant than other genres? Certainly taking part in worship music makes ME feel whole, pure, loved, etc. Playing other types of music just doesn't grasp those thoughts and feelings, however artistic and original they might be. I don't know. I guess I've felt what the music does and other things just aren't up to par.

I only hope these next couple of months will lift my spirits a little more, I love You God.


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