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Oh! so THAT'S my wingspan! :)

Well, the opportunity to finally fly out of the nest has come to my doorstep.. and I shall spread my wings wide. I thank God for this opportunity He's given me towards a better quality of life I'll be living with good people. I will be moving in with my LONG time friend Leyna and her close friend Juan, who happens to be awesome people.. and things are gonna be just great. I will be going back to Plantation.. :) But it's fine because the house is just dandy! It seems everyone around me has opportunities towards making music. When am I going to have my chance to meet other musicians?? Just so happens Juan will be acquiring a drum kit around Christmas time and has played drums in the past.. eureka! He also happens to have great taste in music, for the most part.. except for the heavy thrash crap he showed me last night. Anyways, things are looking up towards quality jamming together, and I couldn't be more ecstatic. I have a bass handy for anyone looking to learn, or I can take it, whatevs. I've also thought about how all this is going to distract me from school, hahaaaa.. I can totally see it now, really. Went to youth last night, and it was great. Pastor Mike spoke about opportunities for joining the Worship band. I'm gonna jump right on that. Jah Love, CHEERS and GOD BLESS! <3

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