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A thought while at school.

Sitting in the HCC library waiting for class. I figured I would update my cyber journal on a couple things, thing is I don't know exactly what those couple things are. Lisa is having a get together this coming Tuesday, I was invited to that. Finally some kind of social event happening in my life again, heh. Wow, have I really come to be that pathetic? Damnit, and I was doing so well when I first got here too. I guess when you have a girl, people tend to forget about you. I don't know. Jessica texted me out of the blue today asking me for Courtney Hodges' number? I've called her a couple times, left a voicemail and she calls me back asking for someone's number, how lame. Unfortunately, I didn't make a huge attempt to find work today :[, though I did get a call about a job at a 'United American Insurance Company' something or other? I don't even remember applying? Anyways, I didn't call back and I doubt I will. Moms said don't even consider it. I might end up calling tomorrow, again, I dunno. Man, I've come to really not enjoy this 'Understanding Visual Arts' class I stay until 5:30 every school day for, the professor is just so dry. I usually do enjoy anything related to the arts, really. If Hart would just change things around or something.. not so monotone. Still not completely sure whether I'll be heading to Cape Coral to be dead honest. I'm so lazy when it comes to driving long distances it seems. Then again, I'm just all around quite lazy. fuck. This is a curse of mine that I need rid of or else my entire life's potential shall be flushed thou giant shitter. For realz tho.


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
from : Jessica
hey, ran across your online blog today. um, didnt appreciate you speaking rudely about me...i.e. saying that i was "lame" . Anyway, guess the fact that i put time and effort into sending you a care package has completely escaped you...i remember you telling me that even your own mother didnt send you one! Hmmm, and i really dont remember the last time YOU called me out of the blue, to ask ME how i was doing... oh well, guess your too self involved right now. i'll forgive you for that...
Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:14 am (UTC)
Thank you for the super awesome care package Jessica, it was really sweet of you, I was really happy to see it from you. But I DEFINITELY HAVE called you couple times trying to stay in touch with you. (Let me know if you just didn't receive them.) I even left voice messages, but you never got back at me. Therefore I got a little mad after receiving that mass text thing you sent.
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