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Been hundreds of clock rotations since the last entry. I'm no longer working at Target, through full fault of my own. The money was actually well, though I never really worked over thirty in a week, which made the checks actually less than par. I just picked up the Sunday paper in search of a better calling. The drills are going well, bringing in the extra 200 for the month's income. Not to mention the incredible help I applied to VA for, extra college money. This makes me incredibly fortunate and I am grateful to the fullest. This semester though, things could have gone better. My study habits need polishing and an excrement of improvement. My lovely Dai is now living in Cape Coral.. how great. She still wants to keep things as if we were living in the same town. I do though, plan on driving over and spending next weekend with her in a shitty Bates Motel or something, lol.

I also recently took an educational visit to The Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg. A paper was due on it in Art Appreciation. What an amazing museum really. The piece 'Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory' was actually displayed there, in our very own Florida. Not to mention others, massive in length. A favorite of mine was his 'Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus'. I took the visit with my love, it was such a nice day. :) Bucs face off against the Vikings this beautiful Sunday afternoon, so I must be going.. GO BUCS! 6-3 right now!

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