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End of the Kuwaiti Tales..

Hence my regurgitation of familiar material, I plan on making this my final entry in Kuwait. I'll update sometime in May again, maybe in Norfolk.. plus I'll make this one well worth. Alright well, I'm a week into March and tensions are running high. People are going home early, that's right, in about a couple of weeks the first batch of Sailors are redeploying home. I myself am not a part of this batch, I very much could have, had I not nuked situations much like I often do. Like a complete simple minded rock, I chose to stay in a large survey that was given to all personnel, asking as plain as fucking day whether you'd like to stay through, or if not needed redeploy early..

Things are winding down to the homecoming and frustrations are maxed. My first E4 check is days away, a real treat. That's one more thing I need to optimize about, staying earns me an extra 3.5 - 4 thousand to my name. It's a big deal, especially for what I'm trying to accomplish when I get back to Florida. I plan on putting away most of it, earning interest. Some of these savings may very much start as the core earnings for my retirement savings, and it's very well possible too.

Myspace is coming into country tomorrow with a live show that's sure to make the desert even hotter. Pussycat Dolls, Filter, Disturbed, C. Mencia, DJ Z-Trip are comin' to rock the damn desert. Can't say too much more than that.. :) I'm trying to condense what I've accumulated and plan on sending home into ONE gorilla storage case. It's become somewhat of a task, I might need to use a secondary box. :( I'm looking to travel light, but there's things I've bought out here. My bunkmate is leaving in April, and I plan on snatching that bottom rack.. hehhe. It should be a relaxing final month, given the numbers that will remain out here.

I love my family, I love all of my friends at home, I will be seeing you very shortly.. count on it. On my return, I hope things are different, I hope my life starts rolling - settling itself in the path I choose to personally place it in. I'm not quite the young buck anymore. I hope to fall in love soon, I want to start school, as well as earn me a decent paycheck considering my age. Though I also look at this as a time to start enjoying my twenties, and that's also high priority in the book. I've always thought of life as some kind of quest you gotta get through, an exciting and long one, making different decisions that can affect outcome in an instant.

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