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My birthday is coming up, the big double-deuce. My second consecutive birthday deployed overseas. It's all good because it's my last, I'm done with deployments after this. We're passed the halfway mark and I'm beginning to make out that distant light at the end of this long and meandering tunnel/hole I've been stuck in for the passed five months. I'm in Qatar right now for my short little RnR leave deal I got put on, and it's been nice. I saw the town of Doha yesterday with Dorsey, an IT3 from the battalion and Sargeant Zang? I think? He played sponsor for us around town. It was great, he took us to a hukkah bar, we smoked for a good hour while having pig liver burritos, ain't that sound c'est magnifique? It wasn't bad at all actually..

I've been talking with Justin Kampert and we're setting up a band upon my return. I'm excited about it, it'll be jammin'. I know he has a good taste in music where we can be innovative/creative with the sound. Vanessa is about to send me pictures of the new pup back at home, it'll be great seeing her finally. I was just IM'ing Karla about bringing her Charlie over once I get home, she just got a little weiner dog. Him and bitzy can do somewhat of interacting, since I doubt either have ever seen a fellow pup before.

I've been taking it easy in this little vacation. I'll be coming back to Kuwait with a refreshed outlook on everything, I wonder how long that'll last.. lol. We have less than three months in this hellhole and I might have a date waiting for me back at home, we'll see. Love and Light to all you guys..

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